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Polishing away imperfections and restoring shine. PBM Restoration & Polishing has an addiction to the satisfaction of making our work flawless. Years in the detailing industry leads us to thrive for putting a shine to any surface we touch.

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Interior & Exterior Services

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Paint corrections & Ceramic Coatings

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PBM Restoration & Polishing - Marine

Marine & Rv

Gelcoat correction & Ceramic Coatings

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PBM Restoration & Polishing

metal polishing

Aluminum restoration & Polishing

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What our clients Say?

"Very professional highly recommended for every kind of polish from aluminum to paint correction to Gelcoat. Once you choose this business you’ll never contact anyone again. On a scale to 1-10 I give them a . I highly recommend pbm. Support your local small businesses."

Kyle Giunta


What they Say?

"Brad did a full paint correction, 3 year ceramic, and polished my wheels. They turned out AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe how talented he is!  5/5 recommend!!! I don’t use anyone else’s but him. Everyone talks about how good they are at detailing but he blows the competition out of the water."

cavan kinberger


What they Say?

"I highly recommend PBM Detailing & Polish. Arrived right on time, courteous and the attention to detail made my Ford Edge like brand new!

Deanna goulet


What they Say?

"Brad came to our home,  polished my F250 and my camper.  Our vehicles look amazing.  My husband's truck is an 06 and it now looks practically brand new.    Brad is very professional and honest. Thanks for your hard work, Brad!"

Abbie Baumeyer-Montonye


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